Hiking Stats South America 2009-11:

Days of hiking: 78
Distance hiked: 953km
Height ascended: 59,200m

Max/Min Stats
Longest day by distance (carrying only day packs) : 34km - Loop in Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina.

Longest day by distance (carrying big packs) : 32km - Rio Nacimiento to Refugio Cazadero Grande, Puna, Catamarca, Argentina.

Longest day by time : 12h12 - climb of Volcan Lanin (1,250m ascent, 2,700m descent - 8h56) followed by 66km cycle from base of Lanin to Junin de los Andes (3h16).

Biggest daily ascent : 1,850m - climbing Volcan Tromen, Neuquen, Argentina.

Most consecutive days of hiking : 15 – Cordon Ojos del Salado, Puna, Catamarca, Argentina.

Maximum Altitude reached : 6,892m - Ojos del Salado, Catamarca, Argentina.

Maximum Sleeping Altitude : 5,748m – high camp on Ojos del Salado, Catamarca, Argentina.