List of climbs

A list of the mountains we've climbed in South America 2009-11:

Name of Mountain LocationHeight*Date climbed
Ojos del SaladoCatamarca, Argentina6,892m13/1/11
Cazadero/Walter PenckCatamarca, Argentina6,684m17/1/11
IncahuasiCatamarca, Argentina6,641m5/2/11
SajamaOruro, Bolivia6,554m24/8/10
NacimientoCatamarca, Argentina6,478m19/1/11
Parinacota N SummitOruro, Bolivia6,351m18/8/10
AucanquilchaRegion II, Chile6,188m10/7/10
Nevado QuevaSalta, Argentina6,155m15/12/10
Cerro MedusaCatamarca, Argentina6,144m15/1/11
AcotangoOruro, Bolivia6,071m29/8/10
Volcan del VientoCatamarca, Argentina6,028m11/1/11
Laguna BlancaCatamarca, Argentina6,008m25/12/10
Cerro PlataMendoza, Argentina5,962m25/4/10
LicancaburPotosi, Bolivia5,938m28/6/10
Volcan TromenNeuquen, Argentina3,989m5/4/10
Volcan LaninNeuquen, Argentina3,759m20/12/9

*Apart from Ojos del Salado (whose height above was measured by 2 students from the University of Alaska and is accurate to 2cm) all the heights in this table are GPS alititude readings from my Garmin E-Trex Summit, which is only accurate to about 30m. For all the above mountains apart from Nacimiento, my GPS reading is within 30m of the official height.

And those that got away....
Name of MountainLocationHeight we reachedSummit heightDate
PomerapeOruro, Bolivia6,128m6,282m19/8/10

Some of the smaller hills we've climbed up this trip:
Name of Mountain/HillLocationHeightDate
Adolfo CalleMendoza, Argentina4,269m21/4/10
Cerro StepanekMendoza, Argentina4,114m21/4/10
Cerro WayleNeuquen, Argentina3,185m4/4/10
Cerro PiltriquitronChubut, Argentina2,278m10/1/10
Cerro FalknerNeuquen, Argentina2,023m25/12/9
Cerro Mellizo Sur IINeuquen, Argentina1,690m7/12/9
Loma del Pliegue TumbadoSanta Cruz, Argentina1,517m16/2/10
Cerro GuanacoTierra del Fuego, Argentina974m21/3/10
Cerro de la Sociedad Cientifica ArgentinaLa Pampa, Argentina587m30/11/9